Medical Tube tipping Technology

Medical tube tipping technology, also known as tube end molding or tube end machining, is a process used to shape the ends of medical-grade tubing to meet the needs of specific medical applications. This technology is critical in medical device manufacturing, especially in the production of minimally invasive medical devices such as catheters and endoscopes.

Cardiac catheters:
Cardiac catheters are used in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, such as cardiac catheterization insertion (PCI). Medical tube tilting technology is used to create the tip of the catheter, ensuring that it has the proper softness and shape to facilitate insertion and reach the target location.

Intravenous infusion catheters:
IV catheters are used to deliver medications or nutritional fluids to the patient. Tube tilt technology is used to create a smooth tip, reducing patient discomfort and minimizing trauma during insertion.

Urinary Tubes and Catheters:
These tubes are used in the treatment of urinary disorders. Medical tube tilting is used to form the tip for easier insertion into the bladder and to minimize damage to the urethra.

Tracheal intubation:
Tracheal intubation is used to secure an open airway, usually during surgery. The tube tilt process ensures that the end of the tube is properly shaped for safe insertion into the patient’s airway.

Endoscopic equipment:
Endoscopes are used for in vivo examinations and procedures. Tube tilt technology creates a tip with a specific angle and shape to improve visibility and maneuverability.

Vascular tumor embolization catheters:
These catheters are used to deliver embolic material into hemangiomas. A precise tube tilting process is particularly important to form the tip of the catheter with a specific shape to ensure accurate delivery of embolic material.

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