Multi-lumen Catheter Tips Machine

Multi-lumen catheter tip is designed with the intention of selectively occluding or closing off certain lumens while allowing others to remain open. Cathetermelt catheter tipping machine provides the advanced technology and experienced team to meet your requirements.

Multi-lumen catheter is a catheter that has multiple separate channels or lumens. Each lumen serves a specific purpose, such as fluid infusion, drainage, or pressure monitoring, allowing for multiple functions to be performed simultaneously or independently. reducing the need for multiple catheters or repeated insertions.

The number and arrangement of lumens within the catheter tip can vary depending on the specific application and clinical requirements. For example, a dual-lumen catheter may have two lumens, while a triple-lumen catheter may have three lumens, and so on.

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Cathetermelt offers tipping machine for multi-lumen catheter. It can make round tip and closed end tip for multi-lumen catheter.

Our machine advantages:

1. Attractive appearance, compact size, easy to transport

2. Quickly replaceable molds of various sizes.

3. High compatibility, not only suitable for catheters, but also for guidewire tips.

4. High heating temperature, molds up to 500 degrees Celsius, can be used for high temperature material processing treatment

5. Fast heating speed, from room temperature to working temperature in 1-3 seconds.

6. Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlled at ± 3 degrees Celsius

7. Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, the slider stroke adjustment and position more accurate

8. Color touch screen, full digital control, quantitative control of the production process

9. High yield, no burrs and flying spikes on the products

10.No exposed heating part, operator safety

Catheter Tip Forming Machine RF welding

Heating Range: 50-500℃
Catheter Diameter Treatment Range: 2-42Fr for catheter
Tip Forming Length:0.5-25mm
Applicable Forming Material Applicable products: PVC, PEBAX, PU, LDPE, PP, PA, FEP and other thermoplastic polymers
Applicable products: CVC, PICC, Foley catheter, dilator, sheath, Ureteral Catheter, balloon,pigtail catheter and so on
Machine Configurations: PID temperature control Catheter tip forming machine; force control catheter tipping machine
Dies and Mandrels: Customized catheter tip forming dies and mandrels depend on the products

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