Multi-lumen tubing Tipping & Sealing

The CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine is a state-of-the-art machine for catheter tip shaping and sealing, especially for multi-lumen catheters. The machine utilizes the RF closed-loop temperature control principle to precisely shape and seal catheter tips by controlling heating and cooling. Below are some of the key features of the CatheterMelt machine for Tipping and Sealing multi-lumen catheter tips:

CatheterMelt Equipment Advantages

1. Precise Control : The CatheterMelt utilizes motorized feed technology to precisely control the heating and cooling process, which is critical for multi-lumen catheters where each lumen may require different treatment.

2. Time saving : Due to the high degree of automation of CatheterCMelt technology, it is possible to complete the tip molding and sealing process in a shorter period of time, increasing productivity.

3. High quality molding : With CatheterMelt technology, smooth, burr-free tips can be obtained, reducing patient discomfort and the risk of tissue damage.

4. Strength and sealing : CatheterMelt technology provides good tip strength and excellent sealing, preventing catheter tip leakage or breakage.

CatheterCMelt device operation steps

1. Parameterization : Set the operating parameters of the CatheterCMelt device according to the catheter material, size and desired tip shape.

2. Catheter Positioning : Place the multi-lumen catheter in the CatheterCMelt device’s positioning device to ensure stability.

3. Heating : The device heats the tip of the catheter precisely to reach the molding temperature.

4. Forming : After heating, the tip of the catheter is shaped using a forming tool or mold.

5. Cooling : After molding, the catheter tip needs to be cooled to solidify its shape.

6. Stripping and Inspection : After molding and cooling, the tip is stripped and inspected for quality to ensure that it meets the specifications.

The use of CatheterMelt equipment can dramatically improve the efficiency and quality of multi-lumen catheter tip molding and sealing, which is critical to the production of high-performance medical catheters. With this equipment, manufacturers are able to meet demanding medical standards while delivering a better product to the end user, i.e., the patient and the healthcare provider.

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