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Invitation to CMEF 2024 Shanghai at CatheterMelt Stand

Dear customers and partners: Greetings! The China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)is a world leading medical and health technology platform, provides a comprehensive display of technological advancements and solutions from across the entire medical industry chain. CMEF is dedicated to

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Radius Tips

Radius Tips for catheters are a type of catheter tip designed in a rounded shape, in which the tip is bent at a specific radius to form a smooth round

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Angle tips

Angle tips for catheters are a special design for guiding the tip of the catheter, in which the tip portion is cut at an angle rather than vertically or straight

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Catheter reflow process

The catheter reflow process is a manufacturing technique used to bond the multiple layers of a catheter’s shaft to create a unified structure. This process is essential for catheters that

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What is catheter reflow?

Catheter reflow is a process used in the manufacturing of catheters, where multiple layers of materials that make up the catheter shaft are bonded together. This process typically involves the

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Catheter coating heat shrink machine

A catheter coating heat shrink machine is a machine specifically designed to apply a protective or functional coating to medical catheters. This machine is typically used to apply heat shrink

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Reflow Lamination Catheter

Reflow Lamination Catheter (RLC) is a medical catheter manufacturing technique that utilizes a reflow soldering process to permanently bond different layers of catheter material through heating and cooling. Reflow soldering

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