Overlap Weld

Overlap weld attaches one tube to the surface of another tube by welding to form a composite tube.
Catheter overlap weld is a common medical device manufacturing process, mainly used to reliably connect the covering layer (such as coating or cladding) of thin film material to the catheter body. For example, the balloon catheter often adopts this welding method. Overlap welded balloon connect the thin film balloon with the shaft.

Features and requirements:

The overlap weld needs to be small and smooth, and should not affect the performance of the balloon.

The weld strength must be sufficient to withstand the various stresses during the use of the balloon catheter.

The welding process must be clean and pollution-free, and meet the hygiene standards of medical devices.

Testing and verification:

Visual inspection, tensile strength test and other means are usually used to evaluate the welding quality.

Sometimes, special inspections such as leak test and pulsation fatigue test are also required.

Only through strict quality inspection can the reliability of balloon coating welding be ensured.


In short, balloon overlap weld is a key process in medical device manufacturing, which requires professional welding technology and strict quality control measures. Only in this way can the safety of the device and the reliability of its performance be ensured.

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