Process of RF Welding Machine

Steps in forming the catheter tip of RF welding machine:

1. Preparation

Ensure that the catheter material is suitable for RF welding. 

2. Set the appropriate RF welding machine parameters such as power, frequency, heating time and speed.

Place the catheter tip inside the induction coil.

3. Assembling the catheter mandrel.

Insert the catheter mandrel into the catheter 

4. The RF welding equipment is switched on and the tip of the catheter is heated according to the set parameters.

5. Molding

Once heated to the proper temperature, the catheter tip is quickly moved into the mold. 

Maintain a constant temperature during the molding process to ensure that the tip is shaped correctly.

6. Cooling

Immediately after molding, cool the catheter tip to cure the shape.

Use an air or liquid cooling system to rapidly reduce the temperature.

7. Post-processing

Check the shape and dimensions of the tip to ensure that there are no defects.

If required, further heat treatment or machining is carried out to remove stress or to achieve more accurate dimensions. CatheterMelt machine produce burr-less and no flash. Let you don’t need secondary cut.

8. Quality Control

The molded product is inspected to confirm that it meets specifications.

Tip geometry, smoothness, and physical and mechanical properties are examined.

With the above steps, efficient and precise forming of catheter tips can be accomplished in a short period of time using high-frequency induction heating. This method is particularly suitable for high volume production as it provides a fast, consistent and controlled heating process.

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