CM80-Catheter Laminator

Our catheter liminator adopts precise temperature and stable air velocity, enables to produce the high quality braided catheters and control at the lowest cost limits. We are your reliable catheter reflow and lamination machine factory in China. Professional engineers will offer optomal and nozzle set for your laminator.

CM80-Catheter Laminator Description

Additional information


220V, 600W, 50Hz

Size L x W x H

550 x 450 x 380mm

Heating Range


Maximum Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Air Pressure


Air Flow Speed


Maximum Stroke


Product introduction:

CatheterMelt hot air horizontal catheter laminator uses the principle of different melting points of polymer materials, material sensitivity to temperature, and different thermoplasticity to laminate two or more materials together. CatheterMelt’s catheter laminator size is 550mm*450mm*380mm and can fit on most desktops, saving space, saving time and labor cost beacuse of high roduction efficiency. The catheter laminator use closed loop control system, temperature and speed control is accurate and stable.

Catheter laminator used to manufacture multi-layer hardening guide catheters. The guide catheter generally consists of a low-friction ultra-thin polymer inner tube, a braided layer made of metal wires, and multiple sections of polymer outer tubes with different hardness, color and other characteristics. After these tubes are pre-assembled with the inner tube support guide wire and the outer heat-shrinkable tube, they are put into the clamping system of the laminating machine, and then the pre-assembled tubes are heated along the way with a heating nozzle to shrink the heat-shrinkable tube. The outer tube melts and fixes the braid and inner tube into one body. In this process, the heating nozzle provides stable heat and stable temperature.  Heating method is to spray hot air onto the surface of the heated object through a specially designed nozzle.



It is very easy to operate, open the catheter laminating machine, set the temperature, distance, air press by touch screen. Then put the catheter(Insert mandrel to catheter 1 and catheter 2, then put these into FEP heat shrink tubing) in the machine, wait it finishes.

This laminator equipment  drives the nozzle to move a set distance through a linear actuator, and laminates the catheter on the mandrel through hot air. By setting the moving distance and speed, air flow speed and temperature parameters, you can consistently obtain a product of consistent quality.


1.Built-in unidirectional stabilized pressure tank with PID control for minimal temperature fluctuations.
2.Rapid adjustment of tooling length and position.
3.Equipped with a ruler and reference markings.


1. Consistent laminations, reliable performance

2. Colorful touch screen for data input and communications (temperature, distance, air pressure)

3. Simple to operate visual status display screen

4. Lower operating costs, reduced labor content, lower training costs


Catheter Tubing Materials : Virtually all thermoplastics such as but not limited to; Pebax Nylon Polyethelene Polypropylene Polyurethane FEP PTFE



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