CatheterMelt - Manufacturing Easy-To-Use Catheter Machines

CatheterMelt specializes in the research, development and production of medical catheters and guidewire production equipments. We can provide customers with all kinds of medical catheter products from design, trial production to production of the whole technical support and solutions.

Our products include: catheter tip forming machine, guidewire tip forming machine, balloon catheter bonder, catheter lamination machine, catheter drilling machine, roller tube cutting machine, long guidewire coating machine and so on.

Catheter Tipping Machine

2Fr-42Fr for catheter

Guidewire Tipping Machine

0.014“-0.038” for guidewire

1. Servio-controlled electric gripper  2.Excellent thermal insulation  3. The electric tool swithcing can be done in just 1 second

Flip-top clamping and fixing conduit device, product feeding is simple, fast and convenient.

This cutter is used for roll cutting process of braided or coiled catheter.

Full round hole and side rotary drilling hole

The world’s first folding coating process, with the machine that is 2m high and guidewire coating length of 3.2m.

Providing customized machine solutions

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