Proximal End of Guidewire

The proximal end of guidewire is the back end of the guidewire, which the operator uses to push and manipulate the guidewire. Although the proximal end does not enter the vessel directly, its design is equally important as it needs to provide sufficient rigidity to allow the operator to accurately control the guidewire. It is also rounded and atraumatic andremains outside the patient.How to produce the proximal end round tip? Follow this article.

Guidewire production process

CM110-3A guidewire tip forming machine suits for make round and smooth tip for proximal end. For guidewire manufacturer, if your guidewire is coated guidewire, such as zebra guidewire, loach guidewire, TPU guidewire, PDFE or LDPE guidewire. Our guidewire tip forming machine is the best choice for you to improve the production and rate of qualified products.

Please confirm the diameter whether between 0.014inch and 0.038inch. If yes, please feel free to contact us to save cost of manufacturing guidewires.

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