Quick catheter tipping dies changeover

CatheterMelt tip forming machines enable quick adjustment and changeover for different types of catheter tip production usually involving the following key aspects:

1.catheter tipping dies and tooling quick-change system : our catheter tip manufacturing machines are equipped with a mold quick-change system, which allows the operator to change molds and tooling in a short period of time in order to adapt to different sizes and shapes of catheter tips.

3. Servo drive and motor control: CathterMelt utilizes servo motors for precise control of mechanical movements, allowing the automated machine to quickly adapt its movements to different production requirements.

4. User-friendly interface: The CatheterMelt touch screen allows operators to quickly and easily change settings and parameters without having to delve into programming or the inner workings of the machine.

5. Process recipe management: CatheterMelt tip forming machines can store multiple production recipes, each containing all the parameters required to produce a specific catheter tip. The operator simply selects the recipe and the system automatically adjusts to the appropriate settings.

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