Radius Tips

Radius Tips for catheters are a type of catheter tip designed in a rounded shape, in which the tip is bent at a specific radius to form a smooth round or semicircular endpoint. This design is intended to improve patient safety and comfort by reducing friction and damage to the vessel lining during puncture or navigation of the catheter.


Radius Tips features include:

Reduced vessel damage: the rounded tip creates less shear force when in contact with the vessel wall, reducing the risk of causing intimal damage or perforation.
Improved navigation: The rounded tip slides more easily along the vessel path, especially when crossing tortuous vessels.
Increased Operational Flexibility: The Radius Tips catheter provides better feedback during maneuvers, making it easier for physicians to control catheter movement.
Adaptability to multiple interventional procedures: Whether it is an endovascular procedure or another type of endoluminal procedure, Radius Tips provides a stable and smooth operating experience.
Radius Tips catheters are designed with different interventional procedures in mind, such as cardiac catheterization, neurological interventions or vascular interventions. These catheter tips are usually made of more flexible materials to accommodate the variability of the body’s internal environment and the need for reduced trauma. Depending on the type of procedure and the patient’s specific situation, the physician will select the appropriate Radius Tips catheter to achieve the best clinical outcome.

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