Reinforced Tube Manufacturing Machine

Reinforced Tube Manufacturing machine is catheter reflow machine. It fuse tubes of different materials together to form reinforced tubes and combining the advantages of these materials.

CM80 reinforced tube manufacturing machine

catheter reflow
  • Precise Temperature Control: To ensure uniform shrinkage of heat shrink tubing, CM80 is able to accurately control the heating temperature.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution: Heat needs to be evenly distributed throughout the heat shrink zone to ensure that the heat shrink tubing will shrink evenly.
  • Speed Control: The speed of the delivery mechanism is controllable to ensure that the tubing passes through the heat shrink zone at the proper speed.
  • Time control: Time control during the heat shrink process is critical to ensure that the coating shrinks completely and is not overheated.
  • Operator Interface: Modern machines are often equipped with a touch screen or other interface so that the operator can easily set parameters and monitor progress.
  • Safety features: These include emergency stop buttons, overheat protection and safety covers to ensure operator safety.

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