Roller Braided Catheter Cutter

What is the Roller Braided Catheter Cutter?

Roller Catheter Cutter is an equipment specially used for cutting braided tubes. Braided tubing is a flexible catheter with a braided structure. When cutting braided tubes by hand, the cuts are likely to be uneven, with burrs or wires exploding.

Our roller braided catheter cutting machine is suitable for cutting braided tubes of different materials. It uses precise cutting technology to ensure that the cutting surface is smooth and burr-free.


1.Precise Cutting: When cutting the braided catheter, make sure the cutting position is accurate without any offset to ensure that the length of the braided catheter meets the specifications and the cut is smooth and will not affect the quality of the product.

2. No burr: When cutting the braided catheter, use sharp cutting tools and apply uniform force to ensure that the cut is smooth and without any burr or breakage. This prevents irritation or damage to the braided catheter during use.

3.Smooth cuts: When cutting braided catheters, we recommend a cutting blade that is appropriate for the catheter material and control the cutting speed to ensure that the surface of the cut is smooth and free of unevenness. This ensures good braided catheterinsertion and use.

4. Accurate cutting position: When cutting the braided catheter, make sure that the cutting position is exactly the same as the design requirements, and that the length is not too long or too short, and the position of the incision does not deviate from the design requirements. This ensures that the braided catheter is fully functional and able to meet the demands of use.

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