Sheath Tip Machine

Sheath tip is the part that enters the blood vessel first and helps guide the sheath during insertion. It is often tapered or rounded to facilitate smooth entry into the vessel and minimize trauma. Cathetermelt sheath tip machine produces 100% flashless tips and precise geometric formation. Perfectly formed in one time. No burr, Smooth, No need Seconary cut the sheath. This greatly improve production efficiency, no need to buy a cutting machine, saving labor costs. Welcome introducer sheaths manufacturers test our machine.

Sheath Tip Process

From this video you can see  the catheter sheath tip process by our machine. Welcome to ship your catheters samples to us, we offer trial test service.

See the details you are interested of the machine

Machine Size


Heating Range


Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Tip Forming Length


Catheter Diameter Treatment Range

2-42Fr for catheter

Applicable Tip Forming material

PVC,PEBAX,PU,PP,LDPE,PA and other Thermoplastic Polymers

Applicable Products

PICC,CVC, Floey catheter, ureteral stent, dilator, sheath …

1. Attractive appearance, compact size, easy to transport

2. Quickly replaceable molds of various sizes.

3. High compatibility, not only suitable for catheters, but also for guidewire tips.

4. High heating temperature, molds up to 500 degrees Celsius, can be used for high temperature material processing treatment

5. Fast heating speed, from room temperature to working temperature in 1-3 seconds.

6. Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlled at ± 3 degrees Celsius

7. Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, the slider stroke adjustment and position more accurate

8. Color touch screen, full digital control, quantitative control of the production process

9. High yield, no burrs and flying spikes on the products

10.No exposed heating part, operator safety

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