Silicone catheter

Silicone catheters are made of medical-grade silicone material with good biocompatibility and have been increasingly used for routine clinical catheterization. The following is an introduction to silicone catheter structure type and molding process:

Silicone catheter according to the structure: three-lumen, double-lumen, single-lumen, double-lumen and triple-lumen are catheters with balloon. Single-lumen catheter consists of a catheter, drainage cone interface, valve plug; double-lumen catheter consists of a catheter, drainage cone interface, valve plug, flushing cone interface, balloon. One end of the three lumen is connected to the drainage bag, one end is connected to the flushing fluid, generally with hematuria with three lumen, no hematuria blood urine generally with double lumen. The difference between the three lumen is that there is more than one cavity directly to the bladder to beat the medicine, so more than a double lumen.

Silicone catheter models have 6Fr, 8Fr, 10Fr, 12Fr, 14Fr, 16Fr, 20Fr, 22Fr, 24Fr, 26Fr 11 kinds of specifications. According to the applicable object is divided into adult use (14Fr-24Fr) and pediatric use F8Fr-12Fr) two kinds; adult use is divided into male and female use two kinds (12Fr for gynecological water flushing tube); children’s use and adult use of 2-chamber, 3-chamber, elbow type, large airbag type, intermittent cleaning type, balloon integration type, drainage and rinsing type.

According to the duration of use: disposable and retention type, respectively used in different fields. The former is suitable for use in surgeries shorter than 24 hours. The latter has a retention time limit of 30 days.

CatheterMelt Catheter Tip Molding Machine mainly promotes CM110-3B high-frequency fusion head to make the catheter tip molding more round and smooth.

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