Tip Forming Machine

What is the Tip Forming machine?

The Tip Forming machine is specifically designed to shape the end of a catheter or guidewire, ensuring it conforms to a desired shape or angle for a particular application. In order to achieve the desired shape and function, the machines employ precise heating, cooling, pressure, or other machining processes.

Catheter Tipping machine is suitable for a range of catheter sizes, from 2Fr to 42Fr, with a tip forming length of 0.5-25mm. It is compatible with various thermoplastic polymers such as PVC, PEBAX, ETFE, PU, LDPE, PP, PA, FEP, TPU, HDPE, and more. This versatility allows it to be used in the manufacturing of vascular catheters, central venous catheters, urinary catheters, ureteral stents, dilators, sheaths, and other related medical devices.

Guidewire Tipping machine is suitable for 0.014″-0.038″ guidewire, such as zebra guidewire, loach guidewire and so on.

CatheterMelt is your reliable Tip Forming machine manufacturer

In order to meet the growing demand for catheter head shaping, Changzhou Rapid Solutions Co., Ltd. has developed the multi-functional CM110 tip forming Machine. Moreover, this machine is not only suitable for catheter tipping but also offers wide compatibility for coated guidewires.

The excellent performance of the CM110 tip forming Machine enables the production of sheaths, central venous catheters, and other products that are flawless and do not require secondary processing. As a result, it provides a comprehensive solution for various applications in the catheter industry.

Common applications of Changzhou Rapid Solutions Co., Ltd. catheter tipping machines include guidewire tipping, taper tips, radius tips, dilator tips, soft tips, closed-end tips, bulbous tips, sheath introducer tips, flaring, butt welds, overlap welds, single/multilumen tubing processing, braid to non-braid welds, and any other application related to thermoplastic materials as proposed by the customer.


1. Attractive appearance, compact size, easy to transport

2. Quickly replaceable molds of various sizes.

3. High compatibility, not only suitable for catheters, but also for guidewire tips.

4. High heating temperature, molds up to 500 degrees Celsius, can be used for high temperature material processing treatment

5. Fast heating speed, from room temperature to working temperature in 1-3 seconds.

6. Small temperature fluctuation range, can be accurately controlled at ± 2 degrees Celsius

7. Motorized control. Compared with pneumatic, the slider stroke adjustment and position more accurate

8. Color touch screen, full digital control, quantitative control of the production process

9. High yield, no burrs and flying spikes on the products

10. No exposed heating part, operator safety

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