Triple lumen catheter

Triple lumen catheter is a medical catheter consisting of three side-by-side lumens. A triple lumen catheter can perform multiple tasks. Such as infusion, monitoring and suctioning at the same time. It reduces the trauma of intubation and the risk of infection to the patient. And the arrangement of the tubing is more centralized, which is easier to operate and manage. Compared with double lumen catheter, triple lumen catheter can better meet the comprehensive treatment needs of critically ill patients. It is widely used in intensive care, operating room, ICU and other departments. Therefore, It plays an important role in improving medical work efficiency and patient prognosis.

Triple lumen catheter end side usually needs tip forming. Catheter manufacturers require to make closed end tip or make 3 lumens to 2 lumens or other versions. But all these special requirements are all for patient safety.

1. Patient safety: The tip must be smooth to avoid unnecessary tissue damage during insertion.
2. Functionality: A specific tip design helps the catheter to be placed correctly and to fit the specific area inside the body.
3. Precision : Each lumen of a multi-lumen catheter has a specific purpose and the tip molding must ensure that the function of each lumen is not compromised.

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