Tube welding

Tube welding is usually done by heat fusion, where heat is used to partially melt the plastic material, then solidifies under cooling to form a stable weld, thus firmly bonding the tube components together. Medical tube welding is widely used in the manufacturing process of various types of medical catheters, such as intravenous catheters, cardiac catheters, drainage tubes, etc. It can be used to connect the catheter body. It can be used for connecting the catheter body or connecting catheter segments made of different materials.

CM120 Tubing Welding Machine is a tabletop tube welding system that can be used to weld tube components of various sizes and materials. It is specially designed for welding similar polymer material components, such as welding the inner lumen tube to the distal tube body or the proximal and distal necks of the balloon and catheter tube body.


This tube welding machine is easy to operate and integrate into the automated production line. It can handle a variety of medical plastic tubes, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyester (PET), polyamide (PA), etc., to meet the welding needs of different medical devices.


The equipment uses servo motor and precise temperature to ensure the stability of various parameters during the welding process, so as to obtain a firm and reliable welded joint. It also optimizes the operation interface and fixture design according to the characteristics of medical device manufacturing, improving work efficiency and consistency of welding quality.

CM120 Catheter Tube Welding Machine

Power: 220v, 360w, 50Hz

Heating Elements: 2x 100w

Size: 500*500*525mm

Maximum Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃

Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Clamping Force:0-20N

Weight: 34kg

Key Feautures

  • Easy-to-program touch screen with storage for up to 999 weld configurations
  • Easy tool positioning for repeatable, high-quality weld results
  • High-resolution display for detailed viewing of weld locations
  • Insulated shield protects surrounding catheter components, such as balloons
  • Quick-change weld tooling for simplified setup and tool change for multiple weld operations
  • Various custom tools for low-profile welding

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