Types of Wire Guide Coating Equipment

The type and design of guidewire coating equipment depends on the type of coating material required, the specific application of the coating, and the size and degree of automation of the production process. The following are a few common types of guidewire coating equipment:

Dip Coating Equipment 

  • Principle: The guidewire is immersed in the coating material, then raised and the thickness of the coating is adjusted by controlling the lifting speed and time.
  • Advantages: Simple, relatively low cost, suitable for a wide range of coating materials.
  • Disadvantages: Coating thickness control is rough and may require multiple dipping.

Spray Coating Equipment 

  • Principle: Use a nozzle to spray the coating material uniformly onto the surface of the guide wire in the form of an atomized spray.
  • Advantages: A more uniform coating can be achieved, suitable for complex shaped guidewires.
  • Disadvantages: The equipment is relatively complex and the utilization rate of the coating material may be low.

Roll Coating Equipment (Roll Coating Equipment)

  • Principle: Coating material is transferred to the surface of the guidewire by means of a rotating drum.
  • Advantages: Suitable for continuous production and easy control of coating thickness.
  • Disadvantages: Equipment adjustment and cleaning may be complicated.

Electrostatic Coating Equipment (ECE)

  • Principle: Use electrostatic force to make the coating material adsorbed on the surface of the guidewire.
  • Advantages: Uniform coating and high material utilization.
  • Disadvantages: Higher equipment cost and operational complexity.

Slot drag coating equipment (Meniscus Coating Equipment)

  • Principle: The guidewire passes through a specific part of the slot of the coating material to form the coating.
  • Advantage: Suitable for precise control of coating thickness and shape.
  • Disadvantage: Higher requirements for viscosity and rheology of the coating material.

Micro Coating Equipment (MCE)

  • Principle: Precise control of minute quantities of coating material applied to the guidewire.
  • Advantage: Suitable for applications requiring very thin coatings.
  • Disadvantage: High requirements for precision and control of the equipment.

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