Ureteral stent tip forming

What is ureteral stent?

The ureteral stent is a hollow, slender tube with a single end (j stent) or double ends (double J stent) and a circular bend. The front end can be sealed (single-end open) or unsealed (double-end open), and there is a drainage hole in the middle of the tube wall. Ureteral stents are designed to improve patient comfort, ease of manipulation, and reduce the incidence of urinary tract infection and scaling. The use of a suture at the distal crimp of the stent also facilitates direct removal of the ureteral stent without the need for cystoscopic assistance.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sharp angle design: Provides better navigation capabilities, especially in complex or restricted anatomical environments.
  • Reduced trauma: Beveled angle design may reduce friction and trauma to the urethral wall.
  • Versatile tip angles: Tips can be selected at different angles depending on clinical needs.
  • Visualization of insertion: Some models may be equipped with features to aid visualization of insertion, such as transparent material or with radiopaque markings.


  • Drainage: Used to drain urine after surgery or due to urinary tract obstruction.
  • Diagnostic: insertion of dye or contrast for diagnostic procedures such as retrograde urography.
  • Therapeutic: therapeutic measures to support the management of ureteral strictures or stones.

CatheterMelt catheter tipping machine is suitable for ureteral stent manufacturer making ureteral stent tip. Its advantages:

  • Offer higher quality ureteral catheter tip, no Burr, flash-less.
  • Closed Loop Temperature Control :Better control and higher yield
  • Easy to change balloon catheter tipping dies
  • Small footprint: it can be integrated with automation platforms

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