What is Catheter Laminating Equipment?

1.1Catheter Laminating Equipment definition:

Catheter Laminating Equipment is a specialized equipment for producing composite catheters. Furthermore, Catheter reflow machine utilizes the principle that polymer materials have different melting points, as well as the materials’ sensitivity to temperature and different thermoplasticity. Wrapping one or several kinds of polymer materials on another material to enhance the flexibility and strength, and obtaining the conduit products that meet different usage requirements.

1.2 Catheter Laminating Equipment working principle:

The working principle of the catheter catheter reflow machine is to generate high temperature through the action of electric current, which heats up the air flow. Then The temperature of the air flow reaches the required temperature through the control of the circuit system, and then heats up the catheter through the air nozzle, so that the heat-shrinkable tube shrinks, and the outer tube is melted and fixes the inner tube as a whole.

1.3 Catheter Laminating Equipment Types:

Catheter Laminating Equipment can be divided into desktop catheter laminator  and vertical laminator according to the shape. According to the productivity, it can be divided into single station assembly machine and multi-station assembly machine. Operators use the touch screen to set the distance, speed and temperature of movement to suit different catheter requirements.

Overall, the Catheter Laminating Equipment is a specialized machine used in the medical industry. It is designed to heat the catheter uniformly, avoiding any uneven heating or cooling, air bubbles, or delamination issues. This machine allows for the consistent production of high-quality products, reducing the need for manual labor and improving overall production efficiency.

To meet the growing market need for a scable catheter laminator system, Cathermelt developed the CM80 catheter laminator. This equipment utilizes internal air tank with PID temperature control, built-in rulers and fiducial mark to provide the most humanized , easy to use, safe abd validatable bench top equipment available. Users are able to quickly adjust fixture length position that quicly produces high quality catheters with low scrap rates in a production environment. The following is CM80 catheter laminator Introduction.

CatheterMelt desktop Catheter Laminating Equipment introduction:


220V, 600W, 50Hz

Size L x W x H

550 x 450 x 380mm

Heating Range


Maximum Temperature Accuracy

+/- 2℃

Air Pressure


Air Flow Speed


Maximum Stroke


CatheterMelt Catheter Laminating Equipment is very easy to operate, open the catheter laminator, set the temperature, distance, air press by touch screen. Then put the catheter(Insert mandrel to catheter 1 and catheter 2, then put these into FEP heat shrink tubing) in the machine, wait it finishes.

This Catheter Laminating Equipment drives the nozzle to move a set distance through a linear actuator, and laminates the catheter on the mandrel through hot air. By setting the moving distance and speed, air flow speed and temperature parameters, you can consistently obtain a product of consistent quality.


1.Built-in unidirectional stabilized pressure tank with PID control for minimal temperature fluctuations.
2.Rapid adjustment of tooling length and position.
3.Equipped with a ruler and reference markings.

1. Consistent laminations, reliable performance

2. Colorful touch screen for data input and communications (temperature, distance, air pressure)

3. Simple to operate visual status display screen

4. Lower operating costs, reduced labor content, lower training costs

Catheter Tubing Materials : Virtually all thermoplastics such as but not limited to; Pebax Nylon Polyethelene Polypropylene Polyurethane FEP PTFE

Products produced by catheter laminator: braided catheter, Layered Catheter, Multi-Layer Catheter, Reinforced Catheter, Enhanced Catheter, Advanced Catheter, Hybrid Catheter, Coated Catheter, Laminated Catheter, Combination Catheter, Integrated Catheter.

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