What is guidewire tip forming?

What is the purpose of guidewire tip?

Medical guidewires commonly used in the treatment of various types of vascular diseases have a certain degree of controllability, and the tip end of the wire enters the tortuous blood vessels with flexibility and recovery.

After the guide wire enters the human vascular system, it passes through the vascular system to reach the target lesion. The human vascular system may be a very tortuous channel. In order for the medical guide wire to pass through the blood vessel smoothly, the guide wire body must have a certain degree of flexibility, and the guide wire tip must have appropriate tip hardness and better tactile feedback.

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What is guidewire tip forming?

Guidewire tipping is also called end forming. It is the process of shaping the end of a guidewiring using a thermally conductive mold. In existing technology, There are generally two methods for processing the tip of the guidewire:              

●Manual welding type  

●Induction heating (or RF Tip Forming)

Manual soldering type  

When manual welding is used, the solder ball is placed on the spring mouth of the guide wire, and then the operator manually uses a welding torch to bake the solder ball into a sealing ball, so that the tip of the guide wire is hemispherical. Due to manual operation, the processing accuracy and quality of the sealing ball are poor, and the production efficiency of the tip of the medical guide wire is low, which may also affect the quality of the product during production.

Induction heating (or RF Tip Forming) Type

The guide wire is clamped and moved forward by the conveying component, so that the heat of the catheter tip is more uniform during the process of thermal melting molding, and the quality of the catheter tip molding is improved.

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