Which trade shows to buy catheter/guidewire production equipment from China?

China is an important base for large-scale global manufacturing and medical device production, and has many specialized trade shows that can be a good platform for finding catheter production equipment and making industry contacts. Below are some of the exhibitions you may be interested in:

1.Medtec China (China International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition)

Medtec China focuses on the medical device design and manufacturing industry, including a wide range of production equipment, raw materials, design services, etc. It is an ideal place to find high-quality catheter production equipment.


2.China International Medical Device Fair (CMEF-ICMD)

CMEF is Asia’s largest exhibition for medical devices and related products and services. This show is held twice a year and attracts medical device manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare industry professionals from around the world.


Before attending one of these shows, be sure to check the most up-to-date show dates and locations, as they may change due to organizer scheduling or external factors such as global health events. Additionally, as international trade and collaboration continues to grow, many shows offer opportunities for online networking and virtual exhibitions, which can be a great option when in-person attendance is not possible.

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