Why guidewire needs hydrophilic coating?

What is Hydrophilic Coating?

Hydrophilic super slippery coating is a hydrophilic polymer cured by UV on the surface of medical devices to form a stable hydrophilic crosslinked coating film, the polymer molecules contain hydrophilic groups, such as non-ionic (e.g., hydroxyl, amine group, ether bond, etc.) or ionic (e.g., carboxyl, sulfonate, quaternary amine group, etc.) and other such hydrophilic groups to absorb a large amount of water to form a hydration layer, endowing the coating with hydrophilicity and super lubrication, which significantly reduces the The hydrophilic groups form a hydrated layer after absorbing large amounts of water, giving the coating hydrophilicity and super-lubricity, which significantly reduces the surface energy of the instrument and significantly reduces friction when it comes into contact with human tissue.

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How does hydrophilic coating relate to medical treatment?

  • At present, medical catheters, guidewires and other instruments are widely used in various interventional procedures and nursing care. The materials of these instruments are mostly hydrophobic materials such as PVC, polyurethane, silicone rubber, etc., which are prone to generate large friction resistance when they are in close contact with human tissues, which can easily cause damage to blood vessels and luminal tissues as well as other inflammatory diseases, and bring pain to patients.
  • Hydrophilic coating is a kind of functional coating used for surface modification of medical devices, which meets the requirements of medical specifications and has good biocompatibility. In the dry state, it has good toughness, uniform adhesion on the surface of medical devices, colorless and transparent, not easily observed by the naked eye; in the wet state, the coating molecular groups absorb water to form a colorless and transparent hydrogel, this layer of hydrogel coating is highly lubricated and can withstand repeated friction, there are a wide range of applications in the field of medical care.


CatheterMelt hydrophilic coating machine

CatheterMelt’s patented hydrophilic coating machine for ultra-long guidewires can lubricate the surface of the guidewire, adsorb and preserve water, significantly reduce the frictional resistance of the surface of the medical device, making it easier for the catheter to pass through the blood vessels, and also avoiding serious wear and tear on the surface of the device or between the tissue/vessel wall, giving play to the high quality performance of the device.

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