Q1. Compared with similar products in the market, what are the advantages of this machine?
  1. It can be welded close to the balloon cone, and the minimum distance can be as close as 1
  2. Excellent heat insulation performance and equipped with air blowing device to prevent heat radiation.
  3. Servo gripping, clamping distance and force can be infinitely adjusted.
  4. 1 second fast and accurate changeover to switch different mold positions.
Q2.How does your balloon catheter hot melt welding machine work?
  1. First, place the catheter with the mandrel on the holder and adjust its position.
  2. Press the left and right clamping buttons to clamp both ends of the catheter.
  3. Then press the start button. The heat insulation cylinder is closed, and the mold is heated to the set tem Themotor drives forward to the set position and stops. At this time, the servo electric gripper clamps the catheter according to the set distance and clamping force, and the holding pressure is maintained for the set time.
  4. After completion, the motor is released and returned to the originposition, the gripper opens, and the product is manually taken out.
Q3. Are the produced catheters of stable quality?

Through the unique heat insulation mechanism, in addition, we use servo gripping and linear actuator to control clamping force and displacement accuracy. The temperature control of the fixture mold can be stably controlled at +/-0.5°C, and the welding quality can be well guaranteed.

Q4.There is a purchasing plan for this type of machine, what to do next?
  1. Communicate and design corresponding product molds;
  2. Provide free samples with the equipment;
  3. Signing of business contracts and delivery of equipment . 
Q5. How to ensure that our product information is kept confidential and will not be seen by other peers?

Before doing this, we first confirm that we will not compete with customers and make products related to customers or contract-related products.

We can sign a standard non-disclosure agreement for products. The technology obtained during the communication process with customers will not be disclosed to third parties.



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